Technology and Hand On Learning in Preschool

Little Scholar preschool and afterschool program  focuses on hand-on learning , we aim to use technology with balance, responsibility and with creativity .

Little Scholar preschool and afterschool program  we believe technology, when appropriately designed for young children over age two and used with the guidance of supportive adults, can promote early learning and development. To use technology as one of many effective teaching tools, we apply the following principles and ideas:

  1. Technology is one of many tools that young children can use to carry out their play ideas, acquire knowledge and skills, and solve problems.
  2. Technology will be used in moderation to supplement, not replace, hands-on learning with real materials that provide a full range of physical, sensory, intellectual, and social experiences.
  3. Technology will be interactive and open-ended, and it will be used to promote discovery learning, not emphasize drill and practice. Software should encourage creativity, problem solving, and reflection.
  4. Technology should serve as a catalyst for social interaction.
  5. Adults should act as partners when children choose to use technology, just as they partner and interact with children during other types of play.
  6. Because new technologies are being developed all the time, their appropriateness for young children’s physical, cognitive, and social development will be evaluated on an ongoing basis.

Harmonious development of your child`s talents

In addition to Little Scholar's commitment to educational excellence, our program offers variety of activities that allow students to express themselves in a safe, nurturing environment. Based on the research we know that students learn best by doing, our learning programs begin with age-appropriate instruction guiding children as they discover exciting real-world use of their new skills.