Commitment to Academic and Social-Emotional Development

Block Away

The building blocks of our program are : Reaching Full Academic Potential, Social - Emotional Development, Mathematics, Language and Literacy and Science 

Program Objectives : Our program is created with the aim of meeting the following objective
Objective 1: The child should be able to recognize, identify and express emotions.
Objective 2: The child should demonstrate accurate self-perception.
Objective 3: The child should demonstrate self-efficacy (confidence/competence).
Objective 4: The child should demonstrate impulse control and stress management.
Social Awareness:
Objective 5: The child should demonstrate empathy.
Objective 6: The child should recognize diversity and demonstrate respect for others.
Relationship Skills:
Objective 7: The child should demonstrate the ability to communicate with others in a variety of ways.

Objective 8: The child should engage socially, and build relationships with other children and with adults.

Objective 9: The child should demonstrate the ability to manage conflict.
Objective 10: The child should demonstrate the ability to seek help and offer help.
Responsible Decision Making:
Objective11: The child should demonstrate beginning personal, social, and ethical responsibility.

Objective 12: The child should demonstrate the ability to reflect on and evaluate the results of their actions and decisions.

Reach Full Academic Potential
Objective13: The child should demonstrate ability to start kindergarten ( included not limited to knowing numbers, letters, understanding early math concepts)  

Harmonious development of your child`s talents

In addition to Little Scholar's commitment to educational excellence, our program offers variety of activities that allow students to express themselves in a safe, nurturing environment. Based on the research we know that students learn best by doing, our learning programs begin with age-appropriate instruction guiding children as they discover exciting real-world use of their new skills.