Program Details

At Little Scholars Music program we aim to provide quality of music learning that will help students achieve their potentials. Research has shown that an education in music  helps:

  • Develop higher thinking skills
  • Develops concentration and listening skills
  • Fosters physical coordination
  • Improves creativity

Programs Offered:

Group Lessons

Age : 5– 12 years

Timing :   one hour sessions per week (Fridays)

Tuition: Please call


Pre- requisite to admission


The lessons are designed to offer sequential and comprehensive learning for the musical development of students of all ages. Class details :


Instrument – Match and Learn

This class is for beginners who are curious about music and want to learn about different instruments before choosing one. Students will pay – piano, guitar and violin . The lessons will include fundamental concepts of rhythm, melody, harmony , meter , tempo, scale and key.


Group Music  (Piano, Violin and Guitar)

This class is for students who are interested to learn a particular instrument. For the selected instrument, the group will focus on


Private ( one  on one  lessons – Piano, Violin and Guitar )

Age : 5 – 14 years

Timing:  30 minute sessions per week ( Fridays)

Tuition:  Please call


Pre- requisite to admission:


Students will develop proficiency on their instrument in a variety of areas including technique, music theory and learning to read musical notes and symbols. Students will experiment in composition and improvisation. We aim to encourage students to become independent performers.


Please call to for additional details .